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Course categories

Computer Applications (1st Sem 2014-2015)2

Computer Applications AY 2013-201412

COMAPP03Z C11 & C30 - 1st sem3

COMAPP13Z C11 - 1st Sem 2014-20151


Open Source Technology Electives2

CIT101-Computer Fundamentals with Productivity Tools3
Program Logic Formulation & Computer Programming I6
Program Logic Formulation & Computer Programming II3
Multimedia & Visual Arts1
IM Project Paper1
Technical Writing2
CCNA 1 Exploration ver 4.03
CCNA 2 Exploration ver 4.0 7
CCNA 3 Exploration ver 4.02
CCNA 4 Exploration ver 4.03
Software Engineering3

Software Packages 1

SOFPAC 2nd SEM AY 2013-20144

SOFPAC23Z - C12 SUMMER 20141

SOFPAC23Z 1stsem 20141
Systems Development 15
Systems Development 24
Human Computer Interaction3

With Intensive Tutorial Sessions (WITS)3
Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis8
Management Information System4
Advanced Programming4
ERP 1: Logistics & Accounting2

1st Sem. AY 2014-20152
CIT107- Professional Ethics and Values Education1

1st Semester AY 2014-20152
Database Management System1
ERP 2: Implementation and Support1
Operating System3
Information Systems Quality Assurance and Audit
Electronic Commerce3
Hubert Jay J. Lisas
Elements and Techniques of IS Project Paper and CS Thesis Writing3
ICP354 - Call Center Concepts, Culture and Communications2
ISP202 - Systems Development 1: Analysis and Design1
Object Oriented Programming4
Computer Organization and Architecture with Assembly Language (CPECSO 34P)3
ITDASY - Database Systems3
Computer Hardware and Software Intergration (CIT16113P)3

ICP355 - Maketing, Customer Care Service and Help Desk Concepts2
Programming Languages1
Logic Circuits and Switching Theory1
Database Administration3
Call Center Technologies and Simulation2
Nursing Informatics1
Ricky Noel Diancin Jr.2
Educational Technology 2

1st Semester AY2014-20153

CIT153 K011
Film Production2
Gift Dionson1
Computer Architecture (CPECSA 54P)1
CIT356 (Call Center Technologies and Simulation)1
Master in Information Technology/Information Systems6
IIP208 (Seminars and Fieldtrip)1
IIP20523X - Project Management and Client Relations2
Thesis/Project Paper1
Computer and Information Security1
CCNA 1 R/S ver 5.02

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